Graduate courses taught

UMass Boston


Theories of Conflict Resolution

Human Security

International Conflict Resolution

Immigration & Conflict


Johns Hopkins University-SAIS

Principles & Practices of Conflict Management

Borders, Migration & Security in the Americas

Human Security

Conflict Management Capstone

Undergraduate courses taught

Providence College

International Conflict Resolution

International Relations

Latin American Politics

Visualizing Peace and Justice

International Organizations

Model Organization of American States



Johns Hopkins University

Protest, Politics, and Democracy in Latin America

International Conflict Resolution

International Relations and Global Issues

Globalization Theory and Practice

Contemporary International Institutions


University of Georgia

Peace Studies

Politics of Development

Environmental Politics and Conflict


Beth Fascitelli, ABD

Process & Change in the Global Development System [chair]

David Sulewski, ABD

Securing Solidarity with Asylum Seekers: Faith-based actors in the multilevel governance of protected entry programs in Europe [chair]

Elly Rostoum, ABD

Diagnosing Chinese Investment Strategy: Implications and Opportunities for Global Governance Structures [chair]

Safiya St. Clair, ABD

Women-led NGOs: How Local Actors Enhance Gender Justice in Colombia.  Proposal in progress [chair]

Denise Muro, ABD

From Other to Equal: Lived Implications of the Securitization of Migration for the Social Integration of Refugees in Boston and Berlin [chair]

Christopher Graham, ABD

The Political Economy of Migration Governance: How Political Actors, Networks, Institutions and Policy Design Impacts the Migration-Development Nexus in Sending Countries [committee member]

Alexis Colmenares, PhD

Difusión del enfoque de seguridad humana: Costa Rica y Ecuador (2004 – 2016), FLACSO Ecuador. Defended 2019. [committee member]

Resources for current students

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